Benefits of Eating Fish Eggs

Benefits of eating fish roe

Properties and nutritional values

Probably high knowledge about fish roe, as these are a delight to the palate, or the endless recipes that lends itself to this succulent food, many of which we detail on our website. But do you know how healthy it is to eat fish roe?

We are talking about a highly recommended food in a healthy diet and here, from Spherika we expose those nutrients that give it such a high nutritional value. It is not for nothing that experts recommend its intake for children from 9 months of age.

1 Food rich in protein, calcium and iron

As far as proteins are concerned, their high protein content favors proper muscle development and per 100g, it is estimated that they contain 22.32 grams of protein, which is equivalent to 44% of the daily amount recommended for an average adult.

Likewise, roe also has a high concentration of calcium, which greatly helps to strengthen teeth and bones, one of the many properties of roe that is reinforced by the high amount of vitamin C it contains.

The iron they contain is essential to keep your immune system strong, helps you fall asleep, keeps your muscles strong and ultimately increases your energy to face the day in the best possible way.

2 Vitamins A to E

Of all the existing vitamins, roe stands out in many of them. According to the Spanish Ministry of Information, vitamin B12 is the most prevalent vitamin. It aids in the formation of red blood cells and the production of glucose from carbohydrates consumed by the body to increase energy. In addition, it keeps away the ever-feared anemia.

Vitamin A is another of the most important vitamins because, in addition to strengthening the immune system, it prevents the appearance of cancer. This vitamin strengthens the immune system and improves vision and reproduction. Regarding the organs, it helps the heart, lungs, kidneys and others to function properly.

Another benefit of The main advantage of eating fish roe is that it provides the body with vitamin E, which, thanks to its antioxidants, helps the body to function properly and protect cells against free radicals, compounds that are formed when the body converts the food we eat into energy.

As far as vitamin C is concerned, the skin benefits enormously from its consumption, in addition to reinforcing the effect of proteins, which together with vitamin D, favor the maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth; and of iron, by helping its own absorption.

Vitamin D also plays an essential role in the nervous, muscular and immune systems, contributing to the prevention of infantile rickets, a disease that causes weakening and deformation of the bones.

3 The best enemy of cholesterol

One of the many reasons why eating fish roe is in such high demand is precisely because of its “good” fats. We tend to associate the word “fat” as a synonym for unhealthy food high in empty calories, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This culinary delicacy stands out for its high presence of polyunsaturated acids, as well as Omega 3, the best possible ally in the fight against cholesterol. As if that were not enough, it also makes the blood much more fluid, which avoids the risk of clot formation or thrombi.

4 Eating fish roe promotes pregnancy

There is no doctor who does not recommend the intake of fish, and even more so during pregnancy, since both the correct development of the embryo and the mother’s need for extra energy intake are paramount.

Several studies have been carried out, being the one published byObstetrics & Gynecology one of the most relevant, in which 852 pregnant women participated and concluded that its intake reduces the risk of premature birth of the baby.

Of all women, 70% reported eating fish at least twice a week during the first 4-5 months. Of these, 13% fewer had an early delivery compared to those who claimed to have consumed it only once a month.

5 Eating roe benefits the skin

Since ancient times, this delicious food was already used for its potential as a cosmetic, to reach the present day and completely revolutionize the world of aesthetics thanks to the rejuvenating function it exerts on the skin.

Its consumption helps to maintain the recommended hydration levels, thus maintaining a smooth and wrinkle-free skin. It also prevents the appearance of blemishes in the skin tissue, because thanks to phospholipids it helps the reconstruction of the cell membrane.

In addition, its antioxidant action neutralizes the free radicals responsible for skin aging and its nourishing action regenerates the horny layer, and can even have an immediate lifting effect depending on the concentration of these ingredients.

In short, the properties of fish roe are as varied as they are abundant, providing our organism with a high nutritional value. which in addition to helping us face the day with the necessary energy, has a positive impact on the future, helping skin care and keeping the always feared cholesterol at bay, as well as benefiting the proper development of children, accompanying them both the first month in the womb, as well as during their first years of life.

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