To talk about fish roe is to talk about it as a unique food, since there are few products that, with such high nutritional values, can be used to prepare such an extremely varied number of recipes.

We are faced with an ingredient that has all kinds of vitamins, from A to E, including B12. All of them promote the correct functioning of the body, having a particularly positive influence on the nervous and circulatory systems, improving eyesight, the functioning of the lungs, and keeping away diseases as fearsome and lethal as cancer.

Regarding fish eggs, it is always surprising that such a tiny sphere, which does not exceed 5 millimeters in diameter, is capable of housing such a complete amount of nutrients and, consequently, that they are so beneficial for health.

There are many consumers of this product who choose to consume it precisely because of how complete it is for a balanced diet, being especially recommended for the little ones in the home, for whom careful eating is even more important.

However, there is a reason why the vast majority of people always have a jar of Spherika's high-end roe in their fridge, and that is its unmistakable flavor. An intense sea flavor that evokes a number of sensations that will leave you completely astonished.

With Spherika you can enjoy the flavor of fresh fish, thanks to the emphasis on providing the customer with the product in its most natural version possible. This is because our products are gluten-free and genetically modified organism (GMO) free. They also do not have added aromas, flavor enhancers, colorings or preservatives.

The secret? More than 20 years of experience and a philosophy focused on quality, innovation and sustainability. These are the values ​​that have brought Spherika to where it is today, positioned as a brand committed to its customers to the point of considering them as a (most important) part of the Spherika family. Of course, without leaving aside respect for the environment.

The enjoyment of our high-end eggs begins the moment the eye makes contact with them. The color range is as varied as it is attractive, and the bright orange, red and black colors give a lot of play when it comes to plating the food.

Expectations do not diminish with the first bite: the texture of the roe is pleasant to the palate, but it is even more so when the fine membrane that covers them gives rise to a pleasant explosion of flavor that will fill your mouth with the aforementioned taste of the sea. and the taste of fresh fish.

In short, buying fish eggs is starting a more than satisfactory culinary journey that will end up delighting you and your guests, leaving your reserves of Spherika fish eggs as the only dilemma, as you can be sure that they will ask you for more.