Summer is coming and with it its consequent plans. Temperatures rise, and it is an almost instinctive act to try to cool off and go to swimming pools, air conditioners... and some refreshing cocktails. These cocktails are idyllic for any time of the day, both for their easy adaptation to all meals (both before and after them), and for their quick preparation, which will not take more than a few minutes where we will enjoy the preparation process thanks to our recipes in which you can use these unique and refreshing spherifications.


Our Spherika lime and lemon spherifications are present in our mojitos, like the icing on the tastiest cake in the world. Its preparation is simple. First, place the washed mint leaves in a mortar together with a little lime juice. We gently crush them so that they release their essential oil, thus releasing all their aroma. Then we add the rest of the lime juice, brown sugar and rum, and stir to dissolve the sugar. Divide into 4 glasses and add sparkling water. Add crushed ice to fill the glasses and top with two tablespoons of Spherika lemon & lime pearls, which can be obtained in 55g jars. As a final touch, we can decorate with some mint leaves and a slice of lime.

The combinations are endless and combining your imagination with our spheres of flavors, the resulting possibilities can keep you entertained for hours and hours, you set the limits!

Of all our products, the most recommended for making cocktails and mocktails are, along with our lime and lemon spherifications, our strawberry spherifications, our passion fruit spherifications, and also our chili spherifications. With these spheres, you can make fun cocktails, full of flavor and color.

So, another example is our version of the Bloody Mary. To do it, pour the tomato juice into a glass. Add a splash of Perrins sauce, a few drops of Tabasco sauce (amount to your liking) and a pinch of black pepper and salt. Add the lemon juice and stir gently. Then add the vodka and top up the glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of celery. Optionally, you can add a skewer with mini-balls of mozzarella and halved tomatoes. Finish with two tablespoons of Spherika chili pearls, also available in 55g jars.

With the passion fruit spheres you can quickly create a tasty and refreshing cocktail. One of them is as simple to make as taking a cocktail shaker with ice, adding vodka, lemon juice and passion fruit puree. Once all the ingredients are added, you have to shake it and strain it into a highball glass, fill it with soda and decorate it with our Spherika passion fruit spherifications.

Our spheres measure 5 mm in diameter, an ideal size to experience all the sensations when biting them.

They are covered with a thin membrane that will gently explode in your mouth, giving way to a wave of natural and refreshing flavors. If you prefer, you can explode them directly into your cocktail, so that its content spills out and mixes with the rest of the ingredients.

The last of the recipes that we propose consists of a combination of pearls - Gin and tonic, where we will add the gin, the drink that gives its name to this famous combination, in a glass with hard and compact ice (so as not to water down the cocktail), and after that , the time will come to add the tonic, always tilting the glass so that it does not lose the bubbles. Finally, the citrus and the pearls of flavors are added, these must be chosen based on the gin, so that it combines as well as possible.


Here we have left you several combinations, to encourage you to start in the world of cocktails, for which the batch of cocktails that you can find in our section of gifts and accessories will greatly facilitate your life. A measurer, a mixing spoon and of course, a cocktail shaker to be able to show off and show everyone your skills in this field.

The design of this wonderful set was made by Aurélien Barbry, who has always sought beauty in her creations and embodied her approach in a top-quality material, stainless steel, which is polished with a brilliant mirror finish to give it a minimalist but yet luxurious.

Get to work on the art of making cocktails and become the soul of your next party… oh! And don't forget to tag us on our Instagram account @Spherika_es. We will wait for you!