On many occasions, on our blog, we have discussed fish eggs , examining them from different perspectives: from their nutritional benefits, to how to serve them, to their color. Thanks to the aforementioned articles we have been able to observe the great variety that this category of Spherika products presents.

Thus, we can see that both caviar and other fish roe belong to the same line, but caviar - or sturgeon roe - is a very special variety of roe.

The main difference between caviar and other fish eggs lies in its origin and its production process: very few species of sturgeon are suitable for breeding in farms and the breeding time of the females until their sexual maturation and production of eggs. It is very long, being on average about 16 years. The capture of wild sturgeons is prohibited, as it is a protected species due to its great scarcity in the natural environment.

Another factor to take into account is that sturgeons are very sensitive to their environment, and great care must be taken with their diet and water quality to guarantee their well-being and absence of stress. Otherwise, females may not produce eggs or even reabsorb them.

Furthermore, females only produce eggs once a year or every two years, so their cycles are very long.

Finally, the quality of the caviar also depends on the great care taken in its handling until packaging: after extraction, it is sifted and washed to remove any possible impurities and salt is added to allow it to be preserved. The malosol process used for Spherika caviar means that the amount of salt added is between 3% and 5%, which guarantees the best balance between the preservation of all its organoleptic qualities and the conservation of the product.

Finally, Spherika caviar is not pasteurized unlike the other varieties of fish roe in the category, which do not suffer from this process.

All these factors justify the scarcity of the product and its laborious production process, which justify its higher price. However, its exquisite flavor makes it a highly appreciated delicacy throughout the world, indispensable in all celebrations.