To talk about Spherika fish roe is to make it an ideal product to brighten your table with a product that provides that delicious flavor of the sea. This is a highly recommended food in a healthy diet, which has nutrients that give it such a high nutritional value. These properties have been discussed in detail in several articles on our blog, such as the benefits of eating fish eggs.

In the articles we describe each and every one of the nutrients that fish eggs have, along with the health benefits they have and, consequently, the diseases that they help us combat and, above all, prevent.

Spherika fish eggs are a tasty food that provides a differential touch of flavor and color to multiple recipes, appetizing at any time of the day, with extremely high nutritional benefits, and to top it all off, they visually enchant everyone who sees them. .

Its visual appearance is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article, that characteristic that, despite seeming secondary, is of great importance in gastronomy and one of the main reasons why fish roe succeeds. It has always been said that the first impression is the one that matters the most and in this case we are not facing an exception.

Its intense colors make you fall in love at first sight and provide that luminosity to the dish that makes it even more appetizing, with the peace of mind that the first bite will far improve any previously established expectations. Furthermore, the colors of the fish eggs are very varied but always moving in the most attractive of the chromatic range.

First of all, we find the salmon roe, perfect orange spheres that are available in two varieties, PINK and KETA. Their difference lies mainly in size, with the PINK variety being slightly smaller than the KETA. Both varieties, of course, have no gluten, no aromas, and no genetically modified organisms. They also do not have colorants or preservatives.

We continue with the lumpfish roe, which has a distinctive characteristic of duality in terms of colors, being available in both black and red, and allowing endless combinations. The red ones in particular add that extra touch of joy to any recipe. These fish roe cause a pleasant explosion of flavor in the mouth that enriches any salad or appetizer that you want to season.

We continue with other orange fish eggs, a visual alternative to salmon eggs, which are trout eggs, slightly smaller in size than salmon eggs and somewhat firmer in texture.

The last of our fresh fish eggs is the most exquisite of all, the precious baeri sturgeon caviar, which with its mere presence will be the eye-catcher of your table.

In short, we are faced with a food that complements its healthy properties with a flavor and vivid colors that will turn each recipe into a gastronomic journey, from presentation to the last bite.