Salmon roe is a gem of haute cuisine, appreciated for its unique flavor and culinary versatility. They occupy a very notable place in Japanese gastronomy, where they are known as Ikura .

In this article, we will explore the various varieties of salmon roe. Each type of salmon roe has its own particularities and properties, which make them stand out in gourmet recipes. Immerse yourself in the world of these delicious ocean gems and discover how they can elevate your culinary creations to new levels of flavor and sophistication.

Varieties of Salmon Roe

In the vast world of salmon roe, we find a variety of options, each with its own unique characteristics. These little marine gems offer an exceptional and versatile culinary experience that adapts to a wide range of preparations. With its intense flavor and striking color, salmon roe is appreciated around the world, making it an essential component in both traditional and contemporary cuisine.

Keta Salmon Roe ( Oncorhynchus keta) :

Let's start with Keta Salmon Roe, which comes from keta salmon, also known as chum salmon. The name chum salmon comes from the Chinook slang term tzum , meaning "spotted" or "marked," a defining characteristic of this species of salmon that acquires vertical purple stripes during its spawning season.

Native to the North Pacific coast, these eggs are larger and vary in color from deep red to orange. It is frequently used in the preparation of sushi and sashimi, adding an explosion of flavor to these dishes.

Pink Salmon Roe ( Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) :

Pink Salmon Roe, obtained from pink salmon (gorbuscha), are appreciated for their smaller size and vibrant color, which tends towards orange. They are ideal for garnishing fish and seafood dishes, as well as for adding a touch of flavor to salads and canapés.

King Salmon Roe ( Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) :

In the variety of King Salmon Roe, coming from king or chinook salmon, we find the largest ones. With a color ranging from orange to deep red, these eggs are appreciated for their intense color and soft texture. They are a prominent ingredient in Japanese cuisine, where they are served over rice and in various types of sushi.

Coho Salmon Roe ( Oncorhynchus kisutch) :

Coho Salmon Roe, derived from coho or silver salmon, is known for its lighter color and firm texture. Used in dishes that require delicate decoration, they provide a touch of unique flavor.

Sockeye Salmon Roe ( Oncorhynchus nerka) :

On the other hand, Sockeye Salmon Roe, coming from sockeye or red salmon, are appreciated for their intense red color and firm and elastic texture. They are an essential component in many Japanese recipes, standing out in sushis and sashimis.

Atlantic Salmon Roe ( Salmo salar ):

It is a species of salmon that is characterized by being the most suitable for aquaculture. Produced from Atlantic salmon, these eggs are an alternative to wild varieties. With a light orange color, they are often called "peach pearls" due to their appearance. Although its commercialization as a substitute for wild salmon eggs is relatively recent, these eggs are gaining ground in the market due to their quality and uniform supply, as they come from salmon with controlled feeding.

Uses of Salmon Roe in Cooking

Salmon roe finds a wide range of applications in gastronomy, from decorating exquisite canapés to incorporating it into fresh salads and preparing sushi and sashimi. These small marine jewels not only provide an unmistakable flavor, but also an attractive contrast of textures in dishes.

The influence of Japanese gastronomy has been fundamental in their adoption, using them as an essential element in their gastronomy. However, its versatility does not stop there, as it also deliciously complements salads, pasta or baked fish dishes. In haute cuisine, salmon roe has achieved luxury status, elevating the presentation and flavor of dishes with its unique characteristics.


In short, the varied salmon roe options and their versatility in cooking offer a range of unique flavors and textures.

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