Breakfast with fried eggs and herring spheres

Recipe for fried eggs and herring spheres

How to prepare fried eggs and herring balls

Can you imagine a 5-star breakfast in bed? It sounds like a typical movie cliché, but we’ve all dreamed that the first thing we find when we open our eyes is that person we love so much…bringing us a tray with those products we love even more.

And what better way to start the day than with some delicious and nutritious fried eggs? These, of course, change completely depending on how we decide to accompany them, and from Spherika we consider that the best way to do it is with our herring spheres.

How to prepare fried eggs with herring spheres

A versatile product that finds in fried eggs a great ally that will allow you to complete with all the flavor that your palate deserves to a dish as traditional as this one.

Another alternative to fried eggs are fried eggs, in this one, the spherifications that are present are those of Avruga. Its preparation is as simple as the result is delicious, because after only 3 simple steps you will be tasting this culinary delicacy.

First you must cut the potato baker style and chop the onion, then fry both ingredients in a frying pan with plenty of olive oil. After this, place them in a dish and proceed to fry the quail eggs and place them on top of the potatoes and then season everything lightly with salt and pepper. Finally, sprinkle with chopped parsley and add Avruga to taste. As always in this life, the best for last!

Now that you know the other alternative with eggs, it is time to continue exploring our recipes section, where you can find a multitude of variants in terms of recipes with fish roe, specifically with herring pearls. The following are some of the areas in which these spheres are successful.

The next recipe to be discussed is, of course, the tuna tartar with lobster cream, avocado and Spherika herring pearls, as it is probably the one in which the taste of the sea is more present, to the point of being able to close our eyes while ingesting it and transport us to the beach, and to the sea in particular.

The ration will be for 4, and first of all you have to chop the tuna in very small pieces, and then mix it in a bowl with oil and mustard. To this mixture we will add the following ingredients: capers, gherkins, chives, and a pinch of Lea & Perrins sauce, tabasco, pepper and salt. It is here where we will decide the degree of spiciness that we like in our tartar, so we must be very careful with the amount of pepper, and especially Tabasco, since pouring more than the right amount can completely spoil the preparation if it exceeds our level of tolerance to spiciness.

At this point, let the mixture cool in the refrigerator and prepare the lobster cream according to the manufacturer’s instructions. También la dejaremos enfriar en la nevera. Finally, plate with a ring, placing a bed of avocado cut into small pieces. Add the tuna tartar, top with a spoonful of Spherika herring pearls and carefully remove the ring to finish with the cold lobster cream.

Maybe this dish requires more time to take it to your loved ones’ bed to start their day in the best possible way, but for sure if you prepare it at lunch or dinner time you will lift their spirits no matter how bad their day is.

More combinations with herring pearls

However, if you do not have time to surprise in the morning, nor to devote the time to a recipe of this magnitude, here is a dish, also with herring spherifications, which is striking for its good looks in relation to its simplicity of preparation.

We are referring to the pasta with vodka sauce and Spherika herring pearls, which you will have prepared in 3 simple steps, and with the following ingredients: 400g of dough, 50g of butter, 100cl of liquid cream, 1 glass of Vodka, 1 jar of Spherika. herring pearls 55g, sugar, cayenne powder, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

First of all, heat the cream over very low heat and gradually add the vodka along with a pinch of sugar, salt, pepper, nutmeg and a pinch of cayenne. It is of vital importance to stir constantly so that the mixture is as homogeneous as possible. Then cook the pasta with plenty of water, salt and a teaspoon of butter. We drain the pasta and serve it in a preheated dish. Lastly we mix the pasta with the vodka sauce to finally incorporate the Translated with (free version) Spherika herring pearls.

Unleash your culinary skills and try our recipes, which are perfectly adapted to any time of the day and any celebration. And when you do, don’t forget to share it with us on social media!

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