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Fish pearls are, without any doubt, our star product par excellence. A product as tasty as versatile, since it is perfect for a good dinner with friends, birthday celebrations of the relatives you love the most or to satisfy that typical hunger that arises before eating, with a tasty toast.

Our variety of products is extremely varied, both in flavors, colors and textures. We have anchovy pearls, smoked herring pearls, sturgeon pearls, salmon pearls. These are red, orange and black fish pearls.

But among all of them, if there is a star product by far, it is Avruga’s fish pearls, specifically, smoked herring pearls. They have a diameter of 2 millimeters, a very creamy texture and above all, the ability to provide a differential flavor to each and every one of your preparations.

Recipes adapted to your tastes

As we mentioned before, one of the many features that make this product unique is how versatile it is in the kitchen, and good proof of this is the countless recipes that we have published on our website, with the necessary ingredients for its preparation properly detailed, and with all the steps of the process explained in our Instagram.

Of course we support all tastes, and if you are one of those who like to eat it by spoonfuls or on toast… You are more than welcome to our family! But if on the other hand you like to give love and spend time in the kitchen, we have the solution for you.

Dozens and dozens of recipes of the most varied for you to discover that we are facing a product that fits perfectly to almost any preparation. Tuna tartares, salads, fried eggs, scallops, soups, hamburger buns… and even ice cream, pancakes and mojitos!

In short, whether your dish is hot or cold, Spherika transforms any recipe into something extraordinary. Thanks to our spherification method, we give you small pearls that will bring you a pleasant and intense taste of the sea.

We have the latest culinary techniques, just as we are always up to date with any novelty that arises in the sector, whether it is a new recipe or a new variety of product to include in our store to continue extending our extensive collection.

As committed to you as to the environment

A good example of this is our red smoked herring pearls. They are made from wild herring fillets from the North Sea, which like all our foods, are caught according to MSC standards that support the preservation of marine resources.

This MSC Standard is used to determine whether a fishery is sustainable and well managed, as it reflects the most current and internationally accepted knowledge in the field of science and fisheries management.

Another product that leaves no one indifferent are the sturgeon pearls. They are spherifications of 3 mm with a liquid interior based on sturgeon. Their flavor and texture are very similar to sturgeon caviar.

At Spherika we want to offer you an experience that stimulates each and every one of your taste buds. How? By creating innovative products that provide you with an alternative to caviar that floods your palate with an intense and fresh taste of the sea.

We want to respect the essence of the ingredients we use as much as possible, and to this end, we offer you highly creative products of unparalleled quality from day one. The experience of the end user marks all the phases of the manufacturing process of our pearls, thus being able to offer a more economical option but without skimping on the most important thing: flavor.

Spherika’s commitment to quality

This is the reason why Spherika and its fish spherifications are present in so many homes. This is where the evolution of Spherika can be appreciated. After more than two decades of hard work, service and predisposition for the customer, we have become a tradition, accompanying the most memorable meals and events of thousands of families.

All this is possible thanks to the aforementioned variety of flavors, with the ideal one for every moment and culinary situation. This is how you realize that it doesn’t matter if they are black fish pearls or red fish pearls, the important thing is that they are Spherika’s fish pearls.

Spherika, life is for celebrating!

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