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A special date is approaching and you still don’t know what to give? Don’t worry because at Spherika we have the solution. No matter the celebration that is approaching, whether it is a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or a baptism, we have the best option to not only fulfill but to focus the eyes on what is likely to be the gourmet gift that will succeed in the event in question to celebrate.

We were not willing to launch just any complements to the market. The bar was high with our gastronomic products, both in terms of quality and variety. This helped us to have a standard to follow.

Gift ideas for gourmets

The first of the section is a special brunch box, which includes all the Spherika products needed to prepare it. A lot with salmon roe 50g, Avruga 55g, passion fruit pearls 55g, extra virgin olive oil pearls 50g and lemon-lime pearls 55g. Ideal to wrap it with a pretty bow and use it as a Father’s or Mother’s Day gift.

And if you have fallen in love with our packaging and our products, but the ones included in the brunch set are not the ones that catch your attention… don’t worry! You can make the selection you like, and present them in the same way, since we sell our pack independently.

And speaking of sets… don’t lower the bar after giving your guests a good meal with Spherika, and don’t let the party get down with our cocktail set. A measuring spoon, a mixing spoon and of course, a cocktail shaker to show off and show everyone your skills in this field.

The design was made by Aurélien Barbry who, concerned about the beauty of his creations, added his approach to a premium material such as stainless steel, which is polished with a shiny mirror finish to give it a minimalist but luxurious look.

As a complement, if you want to open your bottle as the canons dictate, we also have a champagne saber. Its blade is completely blunt, it is the impact of the saber that opens the bottle, not the edge. To succeed in opening the bottle, follow these simple steps.

Locate the side seal of the bottle, which will offer less resistance at that point. Hold the bottle of very cold champagne firmly with your less dexterous hand from its concave bottom, at an angle of about 45 degrees, and slide the blade of the saber over the joint several times, from the base toward the neck. Strike the neck of the bottle decisively, with a sharp, hard blow, without applying excessive force. The blow will separate the neck and cork from the rest of the bottle. This is how to start a celebration in style, and sabre a bottle!

We cannot continue without commenting on the crown jewel of our collection, the stainless steel champagne cooler, a product as aesthetic as it is functional, useful both in the lead-up to, during and after a dinner party. Also made of polished stainless steel, its design adapts perfectly to any bar or table.

It is designed to cool champagne in style and ensure that the bubbles remain at the ideal temperature even after the first glass has been poured. Every detail has been considered in its creation and even if tilted, it has the perfect angle for easy removal and replacement. Of course, our products do not understand gender, and on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day you will succeed without any doubt.

It is not the only kitchen accessory for celebrations, and if you are one of the faithful, of those who understand and value the quality of Spherika products, we have a complement for fish roe, which will make these look as they deserve.

We are referring, of course, to our mirror-polished stainless steel caviar dish, which, inspired by Art Decó, will achieve an unbeatable presentation for our Moluga herring pearls. With your purchase, in addition to the caviar dish itself, you will receive a 145g can of Moluga herring pearls. Is there a more gourmet gift?

However, our products are not only kitchen accessories for celebrations, they are also intended to accompany you in your everyday culinary experiments and chores.

Kitchen accessories for serving fish roe

For this we have a stainless steel design platter that offers a sense of movement that catches the eye. Its medium size is perfect for serving salads, rice or vegetables without sacrificing visual pleasure, grace that brings a contemporary style to meals.

And if you are more of a cheese lover, the smoked oak presentation board along with the cheese knife (also in mirror polished stainless steel) are the perfect allies for a ten-piece presentation thanks to their refined aesthetics.

In alliance with our balsamic vinegar pearls of Modena included in the purchase of the set and ideal to combine with goat cheese. There will also be our strawberry pearls, perfect for cow cheeses, it will be an experience that will leave no one indifferent.

Do you know another advantage of this haute cuisine pack? It is divisible and if you have only been fascinated by the oak board or the cheese knife, you are not obliged to buy both products.

Finally, and with the same approach of providing a luxurious presentation to several gastronomic products. These are the stainless steel design egg cups, ice cubes and shot glasses, the latter two also made of the same material.

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