Cocktails with Flavoured Spherifications

Cocktails with Flavoured Spherifications

Ingredients to make a cocktail with flavored pearls

Summer is approaching, and with it all the plans that come with it. Temperatures rise, and it is practically an instinctive act to try to cool down and resort to swimming pools, air conditioners… and refreshing cocktails. These cocktails are idyllic for any time of the day, both for its easy adaptation to all meals (both before and after them), and for its quick preparation, which will not take more than a few minutes where we will enjoy the process of elaboration thanks to the spherifications present in our recipes and that the unique and refreshing.

Types of cocktails with flavor spherifications

Our Spherika lime and lemon spherifications are present in our mojitos, as the icing on the tastiest cake in the world. Its preparation is simple, first you have to heat the rum with a spoonful of sugar in a small saucepan over very low heat, and then hydrate the fish tails (gelatin). Once hydrated and the rum is tempered, add the fish tails and stir with a whisk until the mixture is homogenized. Let it cool until it reaches the desired texture, that of gelatin, and pour it into a ⅓ cup.

The next third of the glass is filled with lemon and mint sorbet and the last third with slush ice flavored with a dash of Pipermint and lime zest. Finally, garnish with a sprig of mint and our Spherika product, the lime and lemon pearls, which are available in 55g jars.

The combinations are endless and by combining your imagination with our flavor spheres, the resulting possibilities can keep you entertained for hours and hours in the kitchen, you set the limits!

Of all our products, the most recommended and the ones that stand out the most are, together with our lime and lemon spherifications, our strawberry spherifications and our passion fruit spherifications. These are the ones that combine best when it comes to making a championship cocktail.

One of the cocktails to be made with strawberry spherifications is the strawberry mojito. For it, put the mint, sugar and Spherika strawberry spheres in the same bowl. These will replace the strawberries and add much more flavor to the final result. Grind all the elements with a mortar and pestle. Add the crushed ice and stir in the lime juice, rum and soda. As a final touch, you can add a mint leaf and a handful of strawberry spheres.

With passion fruit spheres you can also quickly create a tasty and refreshing cocktail. One of them is as simple to make as taking a shaker with ice, adding vodka, lime juice and passion fruit puree. Once all the ingredients are added, shake and strain into a tube glass, fill with soda and garnish with our passion fruit spherifications.

Our spheres are no more than 5 mm in diameter and are coated with a thin membrane that will explode in your mouth to reveal their pertinent flavor and give way to an unparalleled explosion of sensations in your taste buds. And if you prefer, you can explode them directly into your cocktail, so that their contents spill out and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

The last of the recipes that we propose consists of a combination of pearls – gin and tonic, where we will add the gin, the drink that gives its name to this famous drink, on a glass with hard and compact ice that does not water down our drink, and then it will be time to add the tonic, always tilting the glass so that it does not lose the bubbles. Finally, the citrus and the flavor pearls are added, these should be chosen according to the gin, so that they combine as well as possible.

Experiment... and let us know!

Here we leave you several combinations, to encourage you to start in the world of cocktails, for which will greatly facilitate your life the batch of cocktails that you can find in our section of gifts and accessories. A measuring cup, a mixing spoon and, of course, a cocktail shaker to show off and show everyone your skills in this field.

The design of this wonderful set was made by Aurélien Barbry, who has always sought beauty in his creations and captured his approach in a premium material, stainless steel, which is polished with a shiny mirror finish to give it a minimalist yet luxurious look.

Get to work on the art of cocktail making and become the life and soul of your next party… ah! And don’t forget to tag us on our Instagram account @Spherika_es. We are waiting for you!

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