Definitive guide to buying fish roe

Definitive guide to buying fish roe


The weekend is approaching and finally comes that dinner you’ve been looking forward to for so long. You have made all the preparations but you are missing the most important thing: you don’t know what buy fish roe to surprise your guests.

Well, worry no more, because at Spherika we have a wide variety of natural fish roe that combines perfectly with a host of spectacular recipes.

¿What should natural, quality fish roe taste like?

The first thing you should is to answer a simple but vital question: ¿what should quality natural fish roe taste like? We have a maxim that we have followed from day one, developing highly creative, delicious, surprising and high quality products.

Of course, we always respect the nature of the ingredients and select the best origins and varietiesfrom fish roe. These roe also have to meet certain parameters that only your sense of taste will be able to assess. Its texture must be pleasant to the touch atmouth, and its iodised flavour should be intense and balanced.

Serving fish roe is not about using a condiment for your dish: it is about adding that special touch that will make your preparation unique. Of course, the attractive appearance of the fish roe is a key feature since the success of a dish starts with its presentation, but its incomparable taste will be the winning argument.


Continuing with the importance of presentation, our products add a touch of light and colour, making your favourite recipes even more appetising.

So you can choose between the black or deep crimson red of our lumpfish roe, or opt for the bright orange of our trout or salmon roe. Everything, of course, also depends on the accompanying ingredients in order to find the best possible pairing.

There is widespread debate about the best way to eat fish roe, and there are no wrong answers to this question.
They are the perfect accompaniment to any salad or fish dish and are used in many Asian recipes.

And if you are in a hurry or want to use them as an aperitif, They can simply be served with a loaf of bread or in a toast with cream cheese or avocado, for example. For more information, you will find a wide variety of recipes with all our roe in the recipe section of our website. But of course, there is nothing better than your imagination to make the best culinary creations.

Remember, life is for celebration.

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