How to preserve Spherika fish roe and spheres

How to preserve Spherika fish roe and spheres

tips for keeping fish roe and Spherika spheres fresh

Throughout the articles in this blog, we have taken several approaches to fish roe and spherifications on our website. From its properties and benefits to its history, as well as some of the recipes in which our product floods the dish with flavour.

We have also detailed what we consider to be the ideal guide to know about what fish roe to buy, where we discovered how flexible they are. can be superb in more than a hundred recipes, and can also enrich a simple piece of toast… They are even perfect for tasting them. alone, without more accompaniment than a spoon!

In the following paragraphs we will show you how to refrigerate and maintain the right temperature in your natural fish roe, fish spheres, flavoured spheres, and even cuttlefish ink.

Temperature criteria and consumption, although very similar, must to be rinsed to ensure optimal preservation of our products. Of course, all these specifications are detailed on the packaging itself, but it is worth noting their differences.

Tips for optimal conservation

Firstly, the natural fish roe must be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of between 2 °C and 3 °C. The fish roe must be stored in the refrigerator. ᵒC and the 7 ᵒC. They should be consumed during the 4 days following its opening.

The pearls fish have more margin to be consumed, up to 15 days after open the product. its storage temperature is more flexible when be between 2 ᵒC and 10 ᵒC.

With the flavoured spheres, the criterion changes a little.They must be kept at a temperature between between the 2 ᵒC and the 6 ᵒC,and can be consumed for the next 7 days after opening.

Finally, cuttlefish ink must be consumed within 10 days of opening and must be stored in a cool, dry place. among the 0 ᵒC and the 4 ᵒC.

If there is one common piece of advice for all our spheres, is the importance to keep them in their own packaging. Under no circumstances should they be transferred to another, as the spheres could break and the contents of the spheres could spill out.

¿Can Spherika products be frozen?

We do not advise it
. This is a question that we receive relatively frequently due to the association of ideas that is usually made, which relates the freezing of any product with a longer shelf life.

Our products are delicate, and freezing them would cause them to lose their characteristic round shape. The same would be true for retaining them in any place other than the refrigerator. Refrigerating our products is essential for them to keep their round shape, vivid colour and texture.

We have more than 20 years of experience behind us and we have been able to put in all our creations unprecedented taste, perfecting it over the course of our history.

The care we take with our Spherika products continues right through to their distribution, where they are kept at the aforementioned temperatures, so that they reach your table with all their flavour and freshness.

Don’t break the chain and follow our recommendations for refrigeration and consumption to enjoy them at their best.

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