Pescaviar, developer of Spherika range,  is a Spanish family-owned business, focused on EXCELLENCE. That is why Pescaviar is not only the leading company in its segment in Spain, but also an international benchmark, being present in more than 25 countries all over the world.

More than 20 years of experience, a strong exporting vocation and a philosophy focused on QUALITY, INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY have consolidated Pescaviar as the go-to company when you look for fish roes, caviar-like products, and spherifications, making it able for anyone to find our products in the most important SUPERMARKETS, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS AND SPECIALTY STORES all around the 5 continents.

All these achievements would not have been possible without the close relationship we have with our distributors, their fantastic daily performance and the loyalty of our consumers. To all of you, THANK YOU.


Pescaviar’s driving force has always been innovation with the highest quality. From day one we have developed highly CREATIVE, DELICIOUS, SURPRISING AND HIGH-QUALITY products, respecting the nature of the food ingredients to the maximum.

At Pescaviar we want to bring the most innovative products elaborated from the best raw materials to every corner of the world, as well as the highest quality fish roe, selecting the best origins and varieties.

From our pioneering beginnings with our premium herring pearls to the encapsulation of extra virgin olive oil into pearls, we have always offered our consumers the most avant-garde culinary techniques created by the most prestigious chefs: we use both direct SPHERIFICATION, for small, creamy and compact pearls, and reverse SPHERIFICATION for liquid inner pearls, which flood the palate with flavour and fun once they gently explode in your mouth when you bite into them”


The MSC is a global programme through which the MSC and its partners strive to promote the principles of sustainability in commercial fisheries by collaborating and communicating with all the parts of the value chain, from the fisherman to the consumer.

The blue MSC logo is easily recognisable by consumers and signifies that a product is certified sustainable and that traceability tools allow it to be traced back to its source. The MSC environmental standards for sustainable fishing are based on the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. The standard is constantly reviewed and monitored by an independent group of fisheries experts from around the world. The MSC standard is based on three principles: sustainable fishing, minimisation of environmental impact and effective control.

MSC certification is valid for 5 years, and fisheries are visited continuously, at least once a year, to ensure that they continue to meet MSC standards. The MSC logo encourages consumers to choose products and companies that support sustainable fishing.

To find out more about the MSC and its work, click here.

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