Black rice is a typical dish of the Mediterranean diet. Its presence is particularly notable in Italy and Spain and it is one of the most successful rice recipes, a tradition consistent with its origin, which is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Regarding the Italian country, in cities like Livorno, the "riso nero a la Fiorentina or riso al nero di seppia" is widely consumed, which may be the predecessors of black rice.

Despite the fact that there is no true information in its entirety regarding the origins of this preparation, there are sources that in the 18th century prove the existence of a black rice recipe very similar to the one we have today.

A very peculiar and recognizable feature is the container where it is cooked. Although it is also common to make it in a clay pot, the most traditional way is to do it in a paella. The success of this recipe, of course, lies in Spherika's cuttlefish ink, since it is what gives it its delicate and characteristic flavor of the sea, as well as its deep color.


The advantages of our Spherika cuttlefish ink are many, starting with its container made of glass and with a lid that allows you to close it again if you don't use all of its content: sustainability, convenience and the fight against food waste in one! product!

In addition, it is not necessary to cook the cuttlefish ink before use because it has already undergone this process: Open and go!
Cuttlefish ink is used in numerous recipes such as rice with cuttlefish in its ink, for black pasta, in sauces for fish and shellfish, meatballs, croquettes, breads and doughs or tempuras and even black cocktails. Another of the most recurring uses is for the preparation of black aioli thanks to how well it combines cuttlefish ink with garlic. You see that the limit is set by you, so... let your imagination run wild and always have a jar of Spherika cuttlefish ink in your fridge!

If you don't know where to start, don't worry: in the recipes section of our website you will find up to three possible alternative preparations to the recipe for black rice with cuttlefish in its ink. We are talking about the black hamburger bun, the warm black pasta salad and the black rice timbale with tuna tartare, all of them with cuttlefish ink, obviously. Meat, fish and salad, for variety it will not be!

Its preparation will be as simple as it is enjoyable thanks to its simple and detailed steps. You will see how easy it is to cook with our simple recipes and how beautiful your dishes will be, as well as delicious.


We have highlighted the great versatility of cuttlefish ink and the advantages of our packaging. Now we will expose its nutritional benefits.

Cuttlefish ink has a series of nutritional properties that favor the well-being of our body.

It contains vitamins C, an antioxidant and anti-fatigue agent, and E, but also those of group B, such as vitamin B2, which helps strengthen skin, hair, and nails. It also has vitamin B3, which is perfect for balancing cholesterol, and vitamin B12 to combat depression. In addition, this vitamin strengthens red blood cells and keeps the nervous system intact.

It is also very rich in melanin and Omega-3, a substance with a strong protective action on the cardiovascular system.

It also contains dopamine and glutamic acid to aid fatigue and healing. It provides an important contribution of proteins to renew the cells of the organism. In addition, it does not contain much fat, ideal for those who do not want to gain weight.

To protect the skin against aging, cuttlefish ink is packed with selenium. Selenium serves to eliminate free radicals that age cells. Cuttlefish ink also contains iodine, a trace element the body needs to regulate basic metabolism.

After various investigations, cuttlefish ink has been found to be an effective protection against the growth of tumors. In addition, it protects against bacteria, especially those resistant to antibiotics, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus epidermoidum and Escherichia coli.

All this shows that cuttlefish ink is a highly recommended supplement for healthy and balanced diets.

Have you already convinced yourself? Do not wait any longer and buy our tasty and versatile Spherika cuttlefish ink in 50g jars and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.