1997 - The beginning

Luis Irisarri, a well-known businessman in the world of Spanish food distribution, founded Pescaviar to respond to a market need: to offer a quality alternative to sturgeon caviar, which in those years was excessively expensive.

1999 - Beginning of a successful international career

From the beginning, in Pescaviar it is clear that the potential of the company is not only nationally but also internationally, and in 1999 Pescaviar makes its first export to France. Today, 50% of its sales are made outside of Spain and Pescaviar products reach more than 20 countries on the continents.

2008 - First step in the commitment to sustainability

Pescaviar launches Arënkha MSC: smoked herring pearls made from MSC certified North Sea herring.

Marine Stewardship Council is an international, independent, non-profit organization created to address the problem of unsustainable fishing.

2009 - Acquisition of Just Gourmet Food

Pescaviar acquires the company Just Gourmet Food, a pioneer in the industrialization of the reverse spherification process. With this acquisition, Pescaviar is one of the few companies capable of offering both direct and reverse spherification to the market. Just León Ferrer, founder of Just Gourmet Food, becomes a partner of Pescaviar and its director of R&D&i.

2010 - Spherika is born

Pescaviar launches the Spherika brand, with the aim of being the umbrella brand that encompasses all new creations. At the same time, it launches new varieties within the line of pearls with a liquid interior (inverse spherification): Strawberry, Lime & Lemon, Chipotle Chile, Passion Fruit, Soy Sauce and Modena Balsamic Vinegar.

2015 - Fish Roe

Pescaviar wants to be the reference provider within its market niche. For this reason, it incorporates the line of natural fish roe (salmon, trout and lumpfish roe) into its portfolio, becoming the supplier in its segment with the most complete assortment.

2021 - Time to reinvent yourself

Rocío and Ana, daughters of the late Luis Irisarri, join the company's administrative body after a transition phase led by Enrique, Luis's brother.

A period of renewal begins at Pescaviar at all levels: redefinition of the business strategy, strengthening of online activity, redesign of the corporate image and expansion of the product portfolio.

2023 - Spherika sturgeon caviar: the icing on the cake

Pescaviar launches its first sturgeon caviar under the Spherika brand, baeri variety. With this incorporation, Pescaviar becomes the benchmark supplier in the market, bringing together under its portfolio both caviar and fish roe, as well as alternatives to caviar and natural roe and fruit spherifications and sauces.