Caviar, synonymous with luxury and refinement, offers a unique culinary experience. The key to enjoying this delicacy lies in knowing how to choose wisely. This article provides an expert guide to selecting caviar of high quality and freshness, with a special focus on Baeri caviar, a popular variety offered by Spherika.

What is Caviar?

Caviar is the cured roe of the sturgeon, prized for its delicate texture and unique flavor. There are several species of sturgeon, each producing a different type of caviar, such as Beluga, Sevruga and Oscietra, differing in flavor, size and color of the pearls.

Key Factors When Buying Caviar

Freshness is crucial; Fresh caviar should smell like the sea and not have strong or unpleasant odors. The quality is reflected in the size, firmness and uniformity of the pearls. Origin is also important: look for caviar that comes from sustainable, well-managed sources to ensure the best experience and environmental responsibility.

When selecting caviar, check its origin and packaging date. Prefer products with certifications that ensure their quality and sustainability. Also, when buying caviar, pay attention to the appearance of the roe: they should be shiny, well-defined and without clumps.

To fully enjoy caviar, serve it in small quantities on blinis or light toast. Avoid using metal utensils that can alter the flavor; instead, use mother-of-pearl or plastic spoons. Caviar complements well with a glass of chilled champagne or vodka.

Types of Caviar

Each type of caviar has its particularities:

  • Beluga : Considered the most luxurious, with large, soft grains.
  • Sevruga : Smaller grains but with an intense flavor.
  • Oscietra : Offers a range of complex flavors and medium-sized beans.
  • Baeri : Coming from the Siberian sturgeon, it has earned its place in the world of caviar thanks to its accessibility and sustainability.

Caviar Baeri: Spherika's Choice

Baeri caviar , specifically that offered by Spherika, comes from the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii). This variety is characterized by its delicate flavor and firm texture, offering an exquisite sensory experience. Baeri caviar pearls are usually medium in size and vary in color from dark gray to black.

Advantages of Spherika Baeri Caviar:

  • Sustainability : Produced under controlled conditions, ensuring the preservation of wild species.
  • Accessibility : Often more affordable than other varieties, making it ideal for those who want to explore the world of caviar without compromising quality.
  • Versatility : Its balanced flavor pairs well with a wide range of accompaniments, from traditional to innovative.


Caviar is truly a sign of luxury and a gem of gastronomy. If you choose it well and know how to enjoy it, any meal becomes an experience of another level. By choosing good quality caviar, like Spherika's Baeri, you not only ensure a unique flavor, but you also contribute to caring for the environment. It is important to pay attention to the freshness, origin and appearance of the roe to get the most out of it. So, if you are thinking of treating yourself, caviar can be an excellent choice. Dare to try it and enjoy its exquisite flavor!