Nature's Treasures: Spanish Olive Oils

Spain is recognized worldwide for the production of high quality olive oil. With its Mediterranean climate and long tradition in the cultivation of olive trees, the country has a wide variety of oils that delight the most demanding palates. From soft and delicate to intense and robust, Spanish olive oils offer a range of flavors and aromas that satisfy all tastes.

Types of Spanish Olive Oils

The acidity, the extraction process and other parameters obtained according to physical-chemical analysis in an authorized laboratory, EC Regulation 1019/2002 establishes these four types of oil.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Considered liquid gold, extra virgin olive oil is the one with the highest organoleptic quality and the purest. It is obtained through a cold extraction process and has a fruity and balanced flavor. Its acidity level must be less than 0.8%. It is perfect for dressing salads, marinating foods and enhancing the flavor of fresh and light dishes. It is also appreciated for its antioxidant properties and its contribution to a healthy diet.

  • Virgin Olive Oil: Unlike extra virgin, this oil has a slightly higher acidity and small imperfections in the flavor and aroma. Despite this, it is obtained in the same way as extra virgin, that is, by mechanical methods and without chemical treatments. It is a quality option that is used both for cooking and seasoning.

  • Olive Oil: This oil does not belong to the higher category to which the previous two belong because it is obtained by mixing virgin olive oil and refined olive oil. Refined olive oil has hardly any flavor, smell or color, and due to the industrial process the acidity is reduced to a minimum, so the intensity and acidity will depend on the proportion of virgin olive oil that is added to the mixture. . There are two varieties: intense, with an acidity level of 1º, and mild, with an acidity of 0.4º. The intense one contains more virgin olive oil than the mild one.
    It is an economical and versatile option for everyday cooking.

  • Olive pomace oil: This is the only oil that is obtained through chemical treatments. It is a mixture of refined pomace oils and a small percentage of virgin olive oil to improve its flavor. It is mainly used for frying due to its high smoke point.

Types of olive oil according to the variety of olive.

The different varieties of olives give unique flavors and characteristics to the oil. Around 200 varieties are grown in Spain, although some of the most notable for the production of olive oil are:

  • Picual: This variety of olive is the most common in Spain and the most cultivated in the world. It results in a very aromatic oil, with an intense flavor, where the herbaceous nuances of basil and fresh tomato stand out, even with touches of artichoke, wood or fig tree . It is the king of single-varietal oils with a more marked personality, standing out for its spicy and bitter notes.

    At Spherika, we use extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety for our spheres. Thanks to our encapsulation process, the intensity of the flavor is reduced, allowing a more delicate raw consumption.
  • Arbequina: The oil of this variety is known for its sweetness and fruity flavor, with hints of apple and banana. It is a very soft and aromatic oil, ideal for those looking for a more delicate flavor.

  • Hojiblanca: This oil is slightly bitter and spicy, with hints of almond, grass and apple. It is very versatile and is used both raw and for cooking.

  • Cornicabra: This oil has a balanced flavor, with a slight bitterness and an almond finish. It is ideal to use in salads and fish dishes.

  • Picudo: Picudo olive oil has a smooth and sweet flavor, with hints of almond, apple and banana. It is perfect for dressing salads and fish dishes.

  • Lechín: This oil has a soft and delicate flavor, with notes of grass and apple. It is perfect for dressing fish dishes and salads.

  • Frantoio: This Italian variety is also grown in some regions of Spain. Frantoio olive oil is highly appreciated for its fruity flavor and balanced spiciness and bitterness.

  • Coupage: This is not a variety of olive, but a mixture of oils from different varieties to achieve a unique and balanced flavor.

According to the manufacturing process

  • Unfiltered olive oil: This type of oil maintains the small particles of the olive, which gives it a more intense flavor and a cloudier color. It is common to find it in high quality olive oils.
  • Filtered olive oil: Unlike the previous one, this oil has gone through a filtering process to eliminate solid particles. It has a lighter color and a milder flavor.
  • Cold pressed olive oil: This oil is obtained from the first pressing of the olives and without the use of heat, which allows it to preserve all its properties and flavor.
  • Cold “first pressed” olive oil: It is the same process as cold pressed oil, it refers to the first extraction of oil from olives without the use of heat.
  • Cold extraction olive oil: This oil is obtained in the same way as the previous two, but in addition any type of heating is avoided during the extraction process, which ensures the highest quality of the oil.

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