After more than 20 years offering an extensive range of natural fish eggs and spherifications, we complete our offer with a caviar whose attributes and origin make it an exceptional product.

The characteristics that make it a unique product

Spanish origin : The sturgeon farm is located in Spain, in the Javalambre mountain range.

Water quality : They are raised in fresh water from nearby rivers, with a continuous gentle current and temperatures that mimic those of natural habitats. The filtration and oxygenation system of the facilities guarantees the highest quality of the water and the excellent taste of the final product.

Animal welfare : Caviar is extracted by massaging the belly of the fish. In this way, the life of the females is preserved.

Low salt content : The Malossol method, with the addition of only 3.5% salt, allows you to preserve all the natural flavor of baeri caviar.

Baeri Caviar: A Sensory Journey from the Crystalline Waters of Javalambre to the Creamy Explosion of Marine and Mineral Flavors

CATA's notes:


Grains: Medium in size, they have a texture that alludes to creaminess. A chromatic variety can be seen ranging from a faint and subtle gray to a deep and shiny black, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean.


First Impression: Upon opening the container, a fresh and subtle aroma is revealed, which reminds us of clear mountain waters.

Development: As the aroma settles, delicately iodized marine notes emerge, intertwined with a mineral background, as if you were on the shore of a crystalline river.


Entry: At first contact with the palate, we are greeted by a soft and fruity explosion, a combination that evokes forest fruits bathed by the sea breeze.

Development: Its medium persistence in the mouth takes us on a journey of intense but delicate flavor, where the iodine is presented as a whisper instead of a scream, allowing the mineral notes to manifest with clarity and depth.

Finish: Despite its low salt content, this baeri caviar leaves a lasting impression, with an aftertaste that reminds us of its pure and natural origin, culminating in a clean and refreshing finish.


To the touch: The grains, when lightly pressed between the tongue and palate, release their characteristic creamy texture, an experience that invites us to savor each grain individually.