Do you want to impress your family on one of these important dates? Read this article carefully and impress everyone with your knowledge of a food as peculiar and wonderful as fish eggs.

In this same blog we have already compiled all the information you should know about caviar, going back to its origins and explaining the reason for such a high price, while reviewing all the nutritional values ​​that make it one of the best foods.

Returning to fish eggs, we are faced with a product that we can historically locate in 1432, when the French author Rabelais mentions it in his book Patagruel, referring to it as an exquisite hors d'oeuvre. Cervantes also mentions them in Don Quixote.

Of all the foods we obtain from water, fish eggs are among the most expensive and luxurious. A delicacy that is increasingly rare and expensive due to a civilization that has not known how to look after the good of the species until relatively recently. Luckily, we currently have advanced fish farm systems, where sturgeons are bred in captivity to continue enjoying the eggs without endangering the survival of the species.

It is worth remembering that of the hundred years of life expectancy that they have, we have to focus on the period that covers between the first 8 and 20 years, a time between which the moment in which the female sturgeon reaches the necessary maturity oscillates. produce the eggs. These long waiting times, together with their high nutritional values ​​and all the maintenance that a fish farm requires, amply explain the reason why their price is high.
Of course, this entire process is reflected in the final price of the product, as well as the enormous investment in technology and maintenance of fish farms in which they are raised in a sustainable and respectable manner with the species.

Advances in science have allowed their farming to be more sustainable and economical than ever, although you can always opt for cheaper alternatives, such as salmon eggs.

Caviar has a flavor that lingers on the palate and is no less visually striking. The colors of the eggs, whose size ranges between 2 and 3 millimeters, can range from bluish black to silver gray, through dark browns and even gold.

To top it all off, the high nutritional value and how beneficial it is for the body finish putting the crown to sturgeon caviar. Strengthens the nervous system and helps the brain function, improving memory and ability to concentrate.

It also contributes to vision, the work of the cardiovascular system, reduces the chances of cholesterol appearing... and provides a wide variety of vitamins from A to E, as well as calcium, iron and proteins, essential in a rich and balanced diet.

In short, a food with a more than understandable price and that will delight you and your loved ones.