Spherika pearls and fish eggs are a delicate and surprising ingredient often used in cooking.

In our Spherika online store, we have a varied catalog of pearls and fish eggs. Below we will detail some ideas to use them and thus obtain surprising and delicious dishes in the blink of an eye.

How to use Spherika pearls and natural fish eggs to create surprising dishes:

We start with the Spherika fish roe. One way to use them in the kitchen is as a decoration or garnish. For example, a small amount can be placed on top of a grilled salmon fillet or seafood salad. Likewise, they will provide a delicious marine touch to vegetable creams.

Spherika caviar, with its subtle and delicate flavor, will be the ideal ally for eggs and potatoes.

As for fish pearls, Spherika salmon pearls and sturgeon pearls can be used as alternatives to fish roe, since their texture and flavor are similar.

Herring pearls and anchovy pearls, for their part, differ in texture as they are creamy, and are more resistant to heat. They therefore allow a wider range of possibilities, and can be used in cold dishes such as salads and canapés or can be cooked in baked dough fillings or in hot sauces.

For example, you can opt for the spinach fettuccine recipe with Avruga, cream sauce and eels, a recipe where smoked herring pearls make the difference.

Combine Spherika fish roe with these ingredients to give a special touch to your recipes

The ingredients needed for 4 servings are: 400g of spinach fettuccine, 150cc ml of liquid cream, a clove of garlic, olive oil, 100g of eels, 25g of butter, nutmeg and, of course, 1 55g Avruga jar.

To prepare it, we will start by cooking the pasta in plenty of salted water. When the pasta is “al dente”, we drain it.

Meanwhile, we prepare the sauce. We melt the butter over very low heat, add little by little and without stopping stirring the cream, a pinch of salt, pepper, nutmeg and the garlic previously crushed in the mortar. The sauce should not boil. When the sauce has the desired consistency, add 35g of Avruga and stir to integrate the herring pearls.

All that remains is to plate: we distribute the pasta on the plates, add the eels, pour the cream sauce with Avruga and decorate with a teaspoon of Avruga pearls.

Herring or anchovy pearls can also be used as an ingredient in egg dishes, such as eggs Benedict or scrambled eggs. They can be cooked with eggs and heavy cream to create a delicious scramble that can then be placed on a slice of toast.

Finally, Spherika flavor pearls lend themselves to numerous uses, both in savory and sweet recipes.

One of the creations that we highly recommend are the toasts with foie gras, Pedro Ximénez cream and Spherika passion fruit pearls.

To prepare them, in addition to the ingredients mentioned, we would need a bottle of balsamic vinegar from Modena. First, we will reduce half a glass of Pedro Ximénez wine over low heat, also adding a light splash of Modena vinegar.

Upon completing the previous step, we will take the toasts to pour the reduction over them, we will add the foie gras, a little more Pedro Ximénez cream and we will finish with a layer of passion fruit pearls that will provide a slightly acidic and fresh flavor to the the recipe.

Surprise your guests with these delicious recipes for dishes with Spherika fish roe!

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