What are the advantages?

It's not just a points program; it's an experience. Reach 750 points and unlock a 5€ discount on your next purchase. But this is just the beginning.

With every purchase, you'll be one step closer to exclusive rewards, surprises and special offers we've prepared for our most loyal customers.

Enjoy Spherika's unique flavors and let your loyalty be rewarded the way you deserve.

Ways to win

Place an order: 5 Points every time you spend 1€

Ways to redeem

Discount on order: 750 Points = 5 €.

A Unique Culinary Experience Awaits You

Within the Spherika Loyalty Program you not only accumulate points with every purchase, but you open the door to a world of gourmet experiences. You will have access to exclusive tastings of our products, where you can discover and enjoy the new products before anyone else.

In addition, our newsletter will keep you up to date with exclusive content: from special raffles to private events.

Being part of the Spherika family is to immerse yourself in a journey of flavor and exclusivity that you won't want to miss!

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