SPHERIKA, Extra Virgin Olive Oil spheres

  • Description

    Greenish-yellow, translucent in color, they have a pleasant intense flavor typical of Picual variety extra virgin olive oil, with herbaceous notes and a slight bitter and spicy aftertaste, giving it great personality.
    The EVOO comes from Andalusia (Spain).

  • Suggestion for use

    Ideal for dressing any type of dish, whether hot or cold, such as salads, meats, fish, cream soups, cold or dark chocolate cakes.

  • Features

    • Encapsulation is a complex technique that, unlike spherification, cannot be achieved in a kitchen.
    • Alternative to traditional dressings and toppings to turn any recipe into something amazing.
    • Ideal to give a fun touch to creams, canapés and salads.
    • Non-GMO and gluten-free.
    • 100% vegan pearls
    • Natural Ingredients: No preservatives or artificial colours.
    • Many uses: ready to eat or cook. Does not lose its shape or fade with heat.
    • Enjoy gastronomy at home, without complications.
    • Turn your appetizers into something new and fun.
    • Basic ingredient of Mediterranean gastronomy.
    • Long shelf life: 12 months from production and 7 days after opening.
    • Storage temperature: at room temperature.
perlas de aceite de oliva

More Information

Ingredients and allergens

Ingredients: 85% extra virgin olive oil, water, gelling agent: sodium alginate, stabilizer: calcium chloride.

Allergens: does not contain.

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