SPHERIKA, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena spheres

  • Description

    Perfect, homogeneous spheres, about 5mm in diameter, that flood the palate with their delicious balsamic vinegar flavour as they gently explode in the mouth when you bite into them. The balsamic vinegar we use, of superior quality and Protected Geographical Indication Modena, is made from the reduction of grape must and not simply from wine.

  • Suggestion for use

    Ideal dressing for toasts and canapés, salads, foies, game meats or even for desserts with strawberry.

  • Features

    • Spherification is a culinary technique that is used by numerous chefs around the world.
    • Alternative to traditional dressings and toppings to turn any recipe into something amazing.
    • Non-GMO and gluten-free.
    • 100% vegan pearls
    • Natural Ingredients: No preservatives or artificial colours.
    • Available for consumer and catering specific formats.
    • Many uses: ready to eat or cook. Does not lose its shape or fade with heat.
    • Enjoy gastronomy at home, without complications.
    • Turn your cocktails and mocktails into something new and fun.
    • Very few calories and low in sugar and salt: moments to enjoy, without guilt.
    • Long shelf life: 14 months from production and 7 days after opening.
    • Storage temperature: between 2 ºC and 6 ºC
perlas de vinagre balsámico de Módena

More Information

Ingredients and allergens

Ingredients: 85% balsamic vinegar of Modena [vinegar (sulfites), must], water, thickener: modified corn starch, stabilizer: calcium chloride and gelling agent: sodium alginate.

Allergens: Contains sulphites.

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