Editorial Category Flavour Spheres

Our flavour pearls are a surprising ingredient, inspired by the spherification technique used by the most prestigious chefs in the world, which we make available to all homes and restaurants.
They provide endless possibilities to add a touch of fun and colour to your food and drinks. With them, you can create innovative recipes for the most special occasions, or indulge yourself at any time. They are excellent in cocktails and smoothies, to accentuate the flavour of starters, meat and fish, to dress salads or decorate desserts and ice creams. Our spheres can be used as an ingredient and seasoning.
Available varieties: date pearls, strawberry pearls, passion fruit pearls, lemon & lime pearls, chipotle chili pepper pearls, soy sauce pearls, Modena PGI balsamic vinegar pearls, extra virgin olive oil pearls.